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Bon Jovi Love 1983-2020 mybonjovi signatures shirt

“Oh, damn it, Chris, relax! It’s not amniotic fluid, it’s urine! There’s a difference!” Chris, not sure what to do exactly, proceeds to carry me back to the bed. “Chris, NO!!!! Don’t set me on the bed! I’m covered in piss!” Chris stands there frozen, still holding me in his arms. Then he gingerly sets […]

Malcolm harriet martin maya and frederick shirt

Oh, some of us have a clue of two. Malcolm harriet martin maya and frederick shirt Some of us have read James Baldwin, Frederick Douglass, Alice Walker, Toni Morrison, Malcolm X, Isabel Wilkerson, Octavia Butler, and many more. Some of us watched Al Green, The Spinners, The Temptations, Chaka Khan, Patti Labelle, Kool and the […]

Baby Yoda Black Mamba Kobe Bryant shirt

European badgers live in temperate forests and are not as aggressive as their plains dwelling American cousins, who are known to fight off bears. Dachshunds were bread specifically to go into European badger dens and pull the badger out. That is why they have short legs. They are aggressive hunting dogs designed to fit into […]