Lightly Hella Melanated black shirt

Lightly Hella Melanated black shirt

My reaction was “This is just another overhyped Shonen that will have to die-hard fanboys and then the Hardcore haters who hate it because it’s a “threat” to their own shows they love. I was wrong…or maybe I just became one of the fanboys. The first episode had my attention immediately. This show doesn’t take 15 episodes to get to the point like most shows these days so by episode 1 you get the tone and the feel of it. Don’t want to spoil it but take my word it’s not your typical Shonen. By episode 2 I was intrigued and by 3 I was hooked. The OST is amazing and fits the theme, location, and timeline and the animation is simply beautiful. It’s done by Ufotable so if you’ve seen their work you know they do some good stuff.

Lightly Hella Melanated black Ladies Tee

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