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This is a very normal feeling. At the beginning of your workout your blood is not flowing at optimal capacity for exercise and also your muscles are not as loose as they will be halfway through. I would suggested doing 15 minutes of stretching and/or light cardio before you begin the workout. When i was still in college, i grew lumps in both breasts. They were initially tiny i ignored them. However with time i noticed they were growing bigger and were getting more irregular. I was so scared they could be cancerous and i went in to see a doctor. He referred me to a specialist who ordered i take CT scans. The results were indefinite. So instead of ordering an incisional biopsy and waiting for a result, without mapping a way forward, my doctor decided i go in for surgery. They would take the lumps to the lab after they had removed them.

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Well, I am the oldest grandchild of a man I’ve been told was both very charismatic and rather mean man who had a bit of a reputation as a less than honorable scoundrel. He died back in the seventies when I was a young teenager. I remember that after he died, there was a big family uproar over where my grandfather had hidden his “money sock” before he died. This so-called money sick was actually a large, locked cigar box purported to contain a large sum of money (in the half-million dollar range) that supposedly everyone knew about but no one knew where he would have stashed it.

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Some felt he’d buried it on the property (he owned around 160 acres of mostly rocky scrub land with clay hills, impenetrable forest and rocky ravines. He was able to farm about half of it for a living). During the debate, some interesting facts emerged that I never knew. The first surprise was when my aunts and uncles discussed their vague memories as children of bonfires in the woods in the middle of the night. It turns out that they were remembering rallies, cross burnings and lynchings by the K K K in the back field (out of sight of prying eyes) and that my grandfather had served as the grand dragon of the state in which he lived.

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They said he was easy to recognize because he stood a head and shoulders over everyone else and he was proud of his position and did not wear the hood like most everyone else. The kids were threatened with a serious “whoopin” if they told anyone about their Daddy’s “parties.” Another secret that came out was that even though my grandmother was his legal wife, the nature of their relationship was more of a master-slave type arrangement. She was Please leave a writing thing I usually copy and paste that way have to stop you know I didn’t have the full account data.

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To cut things short, I ended up on vacation at my sister’s home, 120 miles from home when things got really bad. I was sent home by emergency transport where my doc was waiting for me and after surgery, the surgeon told my doc when he opened me, there was quite a mess inside. The infection had leaked after my appendix perforated and scar tissue was already forming and had enclosed my right ovary against my abdominal wall. The ovary would have to come out, and soon. During the ‘90s, I had a debacle with my appendix. I would visit the ER every month with excruciating pain and after examination and tests, they would send me home with the diagnosis of “female problems”. My family doctor spoke to a few surgeons and told them he just knew it was my appendix, would they please take a look around? They all refused.

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I was scheduled for theater and it was my first time getting operated on, so i was kind of nervous. They were going to cut me twice and leave scars on both my breast. That thought did annoy me too. But well i had greater things to worry about. Whether this was cancer or not. In the case that it was, my doctor had warned me i would need further treatment. Those who have been to theater know that you go in with your birth suit. Poor me had no idea. I chose my best panties for the date. I assumed they might get a glimpse of that at most. My shock came when the scrubbing nurse asked me to remove everything including my pants. And guess what your girl had not shaved for centuries. Why did they not tell me though come on i needed the hint.

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