Cannabis sunflower love shirt

My 22 year old brother passed away in a car accident months earlier . He was not only my brother but my best friend. One morning I was waking up for an early flight, my alarm went off at 4 am and I was laying in bed, dozing back into my sleep, not ready to wake up when suddenly a message popped into my mind. Unlike any other thought I have experienced. It did not come from me, it felt as if these words were seeds that had sprouted inside my mind. I heard “miss you sis”. This was the first time I had actually experienced what it felt to “hear” someone speaking to me, inside of me. I couldn’t hear any sounds, but I heard the message loud and clear. Almost as tho I got a text message and I was reading the message in my mind. I know it was him. It made me so happy. I get signs from him all the time. I can feel him and know he is waiting for me there in heaven! I love you Andrew and miss you so much.

Cannabis sunflower love shirt

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A long winded answer nonetheless, I believe necessary. I had worked as a retail store manager. Specifically, high end bedroom furniture. A married man was looking for bedroom furniture. We ran an professional business and well established. He saw a set that he liked, and said I Quote, “I will be bringing the wife back to take a look”. This is a common occurances with married couples and/or partners. Because bedroom sets we sold, rang from, 2k – 10k. Back in 1987 that was a lot of money. We would never apply pressure to our customers. He did come back with his wife. When customers come back it’s a positive sign for a sales person. A good sales person will speak their language to gain their trust and support. I was a strong believer with this tactic. This is one of many tactics used. This has to be genuine, intelligent customer will see right through it. Most customers we catered to were intelligent to have the money to spend. We sold quality items, and many just wanted it to last a lifetime. Ours did. success in all business I had dealings this my most effective tool. A very effective tool for a successful sales person.

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