St Patrick’s day Irish mermaid shirt

She jumps down, grabs his arm and they go skipping out the door together got into a car and sped away, leaving me standing there in a daze. Once he spied her running toward him, he never even looked at me again. I mean he practically floated out of the place and got into her car without ever looking at or saying a single word to me at all. Worst of all, he left with the girl, leaving me stranded there with my things locked up inside his locked car.

St Patrick’s day Irish mermaid shirt

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While I was propped against the side of his car (he had a beautiful bright orange souped up Chevy Nova), these two guys I recognized from school (more humiliation) asked if that was my EX-boyfriend’s car (emphasis on “EX”, bless his heart)? When I nodded, he said “OK hang on” and to my amazement, he walked over to his car, came back with a tire iron, and before I could even register what I was seeing, he raised it and crashed the tire iron through the window.

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