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“Oh, damn it, Chris, relax! It’s not amniotic fluid, it’s urine! There’s a difference!” Chris, not sure what to do exactly, proceeds to carry me back to the bed. “Chris, NO!!!! Don’t set me on the bed! I’m covered in piss!” Chris stands there frozen, still holding me in his arms. Then he gingerly sets me on the tile floor and starts the tub. He undresses me and undresses himself and walks out of the room. “Chris! Where are you going? I’m naked, I’m pregnant, and I’m sitting on a cold, tile floor.” I was not in the best mood.

Bon Jovi Love 1983-2020 mybonjovi signatures shirt

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Not me. My mother to my sister. It was 46 years ago. My father had died the year before. My sister had been married for 4 years to a wonderful man, but they were struggling a bit financially. He applied for a job in a nuclear power plant, got accepted and once training was completed, would be making really good money. The only issue was it was a 3 hour drive away. My sister was so excited for such a huge opportunity for her and her husband. When she came to tell my mom, she was lambasted with a tirade about, how could you leave me alone at such a time and how selfish she was, etc. etc. Bear in mind I was 20 at the time and still living at home with my mom. She had friends, I had a car and was taking her everywhere she needed to go, so she was far from alone. In the end they left for the opportunity and it worked out great for them, other than my poor sister’s husband passing away at 51. These last 4 years, my sister moved back here and we have looked after my now 95 year old mom. She is as ungrateful as hell to us. But so be it. My sister and I hold our heads up high.

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