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I moved in a with a good friend of mine. We were both on lease. Everything was cool the first week, but after a week she started inviting people over, which I’m cool with, but these people would not leave, they would stay a week at a time. They were bums, they were loud and all low life. Then she lost her job, which means she was home all day, hanging out with her friends. She started Airbnb her room, and started sleeping in the living room. That means every time I came home from work, there were minimum 5-6 in my house. Her, 2–4 friends and 1–2 Airbnb people. And all these people cause trouble.

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It was on a overnight ferry from Oslo to Denmark. I sat in the bar and got talking to a Danish couple they were in their 40s and had their wedding anniversary in Oslo over the weekend. Anyway we went back to their cabin and started drinking some of the duty free spirits they were taking home. The wife asked me my age and if I was married. No I’m only 20 I said this is my first trip abroad oh your English is very good said the husband. That’s because I am English my company sent me to Norway then on to Denmark.

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