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I’m been going through some healing, I’m been taking therapy and been doing meditation, I recently got a call from my ex. However he is just not like a normal ex he a narcissist, he came back just with one intention and is to unbalanced me. When I was about 23 years old, I was single and had a 3-year old little girl. I worked at a large company and became good friends with a woman about my age who worked there. She was married and had a 4-year-old daughter, so we had lots to talk about.

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This child of mine was such a sweetheart, she had never had to be spanked or punished. Mary found all kinds of transgressions (all instigated by her own kid, who was a bully). One of my daughter’s punishment would be NO LUNCH!!! (I was providing her lunch every day in a lunch box because I knew Mary was on a limited budget.) Can you imagine making a child 3 or 4 years old go all day with nothing to eat.

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