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I turned into my car lot off 27 Ave in Miami one day, driving a Lincoln with a faux Continental kit molded into the trunk lid, the dealer plate magnetically stuck to the trunk in that tire area of the trunk lid. As I got out of the car a green and white Dade County Sheriff ( as they were back then) pulled in behind me. He and his partner got out of the car, he was huge black cop, 6′6″ ish 325 lbs give or take, and they walked to the rear of the Lincoln and pointed to the license plate. I said, do you mean why did I screw the license plate into the trunk lid?

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I’ve often thought, as a result of that incident, police academies should include English 101 , how to form a proper sentence, how to ask a question, along with a basic science course, magnates, levers, 8 planets and a minor planet, Pluto in the solar system. Let’s beef up the 90 Day Wonder curriculum basics so they can have a conversation with anyone they interact with. My old best friend has been taking pictures of me and one of my friends that make it look like something bad or inappropriate is happening at school for “revenge”. It’s made it so it’s started spreading rumors around school, and it’s eventually gotten to my mother who now thinks I’m keeping secrets from her. I thought it was going away, and I have caught her in the act of taking the pictures multiple times and called her out for it. But this has caused my relationship to almost being ruined, and my mom doesn’t trust me to go out anymore. It’s starting back up again and I don’t know what to do. Does anyone have any advice? I don’t know how much more of this I can handle.

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