Baby Yoda I crochet but my favorite hobby is collecting yarn shirt

This probably won’t answer your question, but here goes anyway. I had never been inside a dance studio until I was 38 YO. But from my first class in Ballet I, I was hooked. From 3 hours in the studio in January 1992 to 20+ hours studying ballet, jazz and dance theater by September that year, I became a studio rat. Throw some modern dance classes in, as well. My girlfriend was very leery about dating me after she realized that I carry everywhere that I’m allowed to do so. She had issues with it and we had a long discussion about it. She didn’t really want to date me after she found that out because she’d had a few people in her past that did the same thing albeit illegally and ended up in very bad situations because of it. After the discussion in which she revealed that she really wanted me to not do that anymore she became fine and actually feels safer though I still can’t get her to go on a surprise trip to the range.

Baby Yoda I crochet but my favorite hobby is collecting yarn shirt

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My favorite craft use to be needlepoint and I loved embroidery and cross stitch and did it for years. I gave away many of the things I completed to family members but still have some hanging on the walls. I just recently threw out a whole bunch of old needlepoint that I had in my parents attic. There was just no point in keeping it anymore and the fun was in the making it. Right now I’m enjoying knitting and crocheting and find it very relaxing. Knitting is a lot less intense than needlepoint and I can do other things while working on a sweater or scarf.

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